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Welcome to Ticker's World

In the following pages you will find advice on sea fishing from the shore, based on my experiences fishing in venues around the British Isles and Southern Ireland. Click here to read my blog .....

In the late 60's I began to question the accepted methods and approach to sea angling that were the norm at the time, convinced that LIGHT TACKLE and SPECIES SPECIALISATION was the best way to lay to rest some of the myths surrounding the "unusual" conditions of extreme tidal range, heavily silted waters and the closed geography of the upper reaches of the Bristol Channel, along the south east coast of Wales. I count myself as extremely fortunate that "fate" brought me into contact with some of the leading celebrity innovators/writers of the period. Setting up my fishing rod manufacturing business in the late 70's was viewed as an opportunity to produce sea fishing rods that reflected the new thinking, a means by which these ideas could be brought before a much wider audience. Having attended one of the original pendulum casting seminars, held on the Kent coast in the early 70's organised by the editorial and contributor team of the prestigious ANGLING magazine,  I can claim to be one of the first to have actively practiced the pendulum style in the region. One thing led to another, seminars on bass fishing, pendulum casting instruction / demonstrations across Wales and into England, writing s regular column in the GLAMORGAN GAZETTE, contributing articles to ANGLING and SEA ANGLING MONTHLY national magazines, together with producing specialist sea fishing rods, ensured that this was a very busy and satisfying period in my life.

 In 1980, I published my first book "BASS FISHING FROM THE SHORE IN SOUTH EAST WALES", copies of which have become much sought after collector's item. In 2008, I started putting together my latest book "BASS FISHING FROM THE SHORE IN SOUTH EAST WALES AND MORE", which is a much revised, updated and informative new edition.

Derek Townsend

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